Content is communication. A modern brand communicates using modern media formats. We have specialized in the production of 360° Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Content.

Our 360 WeAre team is a part of the Social Network Group (SNG) based in Berlin, Germany. Our portfolio includes services ranging from high resolution 360 photos and videos, to the development of interactive, immersive virtual, augmented and mixed reality environments. We can use your traditional 2D marketing content and integrate it into 360 scenes, or produce additional 2D content with our content production partners at SNG.

Our development team can offer to build Augmented Reality filters for your smartphones. We are official SparkAR partners and are building AR apps that can be shared and used by the Facebook Messenger App. 2,4 billion users have access to our AR Filters. We create entire VR scenes for virtual showrooms, experience tours or VR-apps. Currently, we are producing a VR game for the Oculus Go.

Our Content team travels to you and your events to take relevant content when it is needed. We are specialized in same day delivery content creation and can deliver photo, video, 360° photo, 360° video content, and virtual experience tours the same day we shoot it.

Distribution of the produced Content can be done via Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo, as well as through web URLs, embed codes or apps. Our partner SNG, who has long standing experience with Social Media, support us with these tasks. For example, in a cooperative effort, we captured the Interior of Mercedes’s AMG G 63 at the IAA 2017. Our 360° image was posted by the Mercedes Benz Facebook page on which it exceeded expected interactions, and received more than 14,000 likes.

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