We not only create pure 360° content, but enrich them with traditional 2D content. Thus products can be presented and explained in detail from a new perspective. Existing content is adapted for VR purposes and recorded in Head Mountable Displays (HMD), augmenting the reality of the user.

We are Augmented Reality! We augment the world around you harnessing the power of your smartphone or tablet. Interactive filters can track the user’s position and facial gestures to overlay a digital filter. Additionally we can place interactive 3d Objects in your immediate surrounding. This can allow users to explore your creations, products and concepts before they are physically available. This results in interactive camera apps for users available via their Facebook messenger.

Camera Filter for Facebook

To test the filter simply click on your mobile device on the link below the image. You must be logged in to Facebook.


Make the burger talk and experience the Cajun Explosion!

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Picasso face

Become the most legendary artist of our time.

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Picasso paint

You make the picture come alive! Can you feel the oil in your veins?

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Corum watch

Check out this Swiss watch. Swipe to change color.

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360WeAre portal

Walk through the portal and into our 360° worlds!

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360WeAre logo

Scan our 360WeAre logo and see it emerge in 3D.

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Formula E

Ever wanted to sit in a real Formula E car? This filter makes it happen!

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Caution! X-Ray in use

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